A Conversation with Patrick Gill

Can you give a brief overview of your topic/idea, and why you’re so passionate about it?

I would like to help build a stronger financial future for our future generations by giving them a better understanding of personal finances, debt, and cash flow, as well as to help combat the enormous debt load that Canadians face today.

Can you tell us about the history of this idea - how did you conceive of it?

It was the outgrowth of many face-to-face meetings with thousands of Canadians regarding their debt, finances, cash flow.

How does your topic fit in with our theme of Interconnectedness?

I would like to illustrate how financial health is the cornerstone to strong relationships, mental and physical health, and how being debt free is true freedom.

What does Interconnectedness mean to you?

The underlining factor for overall happiness can attributed to the way we manage our finances.

What is your goal in delivering this TED talk?

I want to inform Canadians on how to recognize the inefficiencies in today's banking and day-to-day money management. Once they understand how it works, they can rebuild their knowledge and confidence as they attack debt and construct cash flow to use to their advantage.