A Conversation with Karin Schmidlin

Can you give a brief overview of your topic/idea, and why you’re so passionate about it?

I'd like to talk about what I learned from teaching in the classroom for the last 10 years, and how this informs my work at Jamii.Global. Jamii means 'community' in Swahili, and is a virtual incubation platform for driven and passionate people who want to solve complex problems; be that starting a company, innovating on an outdated business process inside a large organization, or reaching a personal goal.

Can you tell us about the history of this idea - how did you conceive of it?

I love, love teaching!

How does your topic fit in with our theme of Interconnectedness?

It's about the interconnectedness of people and how seemingly small things can help us connect to each other on a more profound level.

What does Interconnectedness mean to you?

It means, first and foremost, that we are all in some shape or form connected to each other, that none of us come up with ideas in a vacuum. People surrounding us are ultimately the ones that can help us move forward.

What is your goal in delivering this TED talk?

I would like to inspire the audience to view the world as a network of people and help them to see that we all have an important part to play in making our world a better place (I know, kind of a cliche, but something I believe strongly).