Discovering Our Theme

In the spirit of all TED/TEDx events, TEDxUW aims to host an event that provides a platform for the sharing of important ideas. The theme of TEDxUW 2016 is the Interconnectedness of Things. Through this theme, we hope to take an interdisciplinary approach towards showcasing various aspects our world, and how they are connected. Further, we want to explore how these connections make up our societal structures and paradigms.

We believe that this interconnectedness is universal, and can be used as a lens to examine various facets of our society, including: science, culture, politics, art, and technology. For example, instead of breaking a biological ecosystem down into each individual living and nonliving component it comprises, we might instead examine how each of these components are interconnected, and how they come together to form a homeostatic system.

While each TEDxUW speaker will be sharing their unique story, idea, or experience, they will all contribute to this overarching theme. In order to explore interconnectedness and its presence in our daily lives, we’ve selected three powerful TED talks that we believe capture the essence of our theme:

Angelica Dass - The beauty of human skin in every color
In this talk, Angelica Dass discusses her groundbreaking portrait project, Humanæ. By showing the true colours of humanity, rather than the colours normally associated with race, she challenges our biases regarding ethnic identity.

Bran Ferren - To create for the ages, let’s combine art and engineering
In this talk, Brian Farren, who was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome as a young boy, explores the beautiful, groundbreaking things that can be created when science and engineering meet art and design.

Hugh Evans - What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?
In this inspirational talk, Hugh Evans stresses the importance of having a global mindset. Rather than identifying as a member of a state or nation, he discusses individuals who identify as citizens of the world, and how this has catalyzed action towards fighting extreme poverty, climate change, and other global issues.